Auckland Artweek

We teased it a little on social media, hinting at perhaps the worst kept secret in Auckland. We’re a part of Auckland Artweek 2016.

Art History Battles

When people ask me what got me into studying art, I tell them it was the documentary Rembrandt’s J’Accuse, a Peter Greenway film that explains Rembrandt’s Night Watch as a murder conspiracy. Before then, I didn’t understand how deep paintings could be. 

Image Sourcing

Now that artists are getting their canvases and readying their paints, the $64,000 question arises: from where do you get the source image for the replica? 

Post-crowdfunding, pre-exhibition

The PledgeMe campaign ended Sunday and I’ve spent the past few days trying to write this post, but only now do I have the energy.

The press keeps coming

Hot off the heels of our appearance on KickArts, the Faculty of Arts at Auckland University released its story on the exhibition. 

June 26 KickArts programme

Last night I was able to join the panel show KickArts and have a chat not only about the replica exhibition, but hear about other kinds of art like theatre and music going on in Auckland

Let the negative press roll in

When I first started telling people about my idea for an idea of a museum of replica artworks, I got two opposite responses, either people loved it or hated it. Here’s who loved the idea: Everyone who is under 60 and not heavily invested in the art world.

Three days later

It’s incredibly easy to lose perspective with things you are passionate about. What’s of vital importance to you means literally nothing to someone else. These are two lessons that I’ve forgotten along the way. So many people have given vocal support, nearly everyone I mentioned the idea of a museum of replicas to thought it

The campaign is live!

The PledgeMe campaign has finally gone live, which you can find here. Now there’s about four and a half weeks of heavy promotion in order to reach the campaign goal. Everything is starting to come together, though this is where it can all fall apart.

The first painting

After my initial artist withdrew from the original exhibition concept, I was back to not only needing one artist, but needing multiple, as now the exhibition featured seven painters as opposed to one. One artist from Auckland Uni’s Museum Studies department stepped forward and after an email sent out to Elam students, two more did.